Frequently Asked Questions

As of November 17, 2015 (updated Dec 12, 2015)


On December 12, 2015, California Association for the Deaf post an announcement. View it here.

Who owns CHAD property at 529 Las Tunas Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007?

California Association for the Deaf, CAD owned the property since 1962.  The building was completed and opened to residents in 1965.  Soon after the opening, CAD held a mortgage burning party and the mortgage was paid off in the same day.  The total purchase was approximately $150,000; land for $45,000 and building for $110,000. As of November 17, 2015, Hot Kid LLC is the new owner.  The property is known as the Aracdia House to avoid confusion.

Who runs CHAD now?

Please don’t get confused between the term CHAD;  the former name was California Home for the Aged Deaf which is the name of CAD’s one of social programs and CHAD became a separate entity.   In the early 2000, it was renamed to California Home for the Adult Deaf.   So, the board of CHAD runs the program for CAD.

Is CHAD a separate IRS 501c3 entity?

Yes, the original name was Paradise Association for the Deaf, formed by the late Donald "Nubby" Nurenberger.  IRS has recognized CHAD as a non-profit tax-exempt entity.  Its mission is to enhance the quality of life of the elderly deaf in their golden years. The name change from PAD to CHAD is one of the conditions to get the agreement signed (see next question).

Is there a formal agreement?

Yes, that agreement is called the Memorandum of Understanding, aka MOU or Agreement.   It was signed on February 11, 2011 by CAD President Ralph Singleton and CHAD President Scott Hostetler. In the MOU, the lease term is 10 years at $1 per year. CHAD pays for property taxes, liability and worker compensation insurances and all costs associated to the property.  CHAD is responsible for maintaining the property in good shape.  One condition of the MOU, if the property is sold, is that there is split of 70% to CAD and 30% to CHAD.  The 30% proceeds are used for moving expenses and the future purchase of the property.  As of November 17, 2015, the MOU is officially disolved.

Why the property is being sold?

The property is at least 50 years old.  It is becoming more difficult to maintain the building, aging galvanized pipes throughout the building and poor air conditioning system.  The A/C would run continuously for 24/7 during the heat wave and the temperature will not go below 82 degree F at night.  Also, it is more difficult to recruit new residents due to its location, that is, lack of the Deaf community.

How many residents are at the Aracdia House?

Currently, there are 8 residents.  The place is licensed to have 24 residents and there are 15 rooms, which can be either used as private or semi-private.

What about the Crowell House?  Lease or purchase?

CHAD has signed a five-year lease on November 1, 2015.   The reason for the lease as it makes more sense to have a temporary place before a more permanent property is located. CHAD does not want to rush to purchase a property without the Deaf community involvement. The house is 3,200 square feet, has six bedrooms, 3 shared bathrooms (one bathroom is wheelchair accessible), four-car garage and a guest house.  The address is 3615 Crowell Ave, Riverside, CA 92504.  It is 2 blocks away from California Baptist University.   It should be noted that this house is a former Residental Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) property and there is at least one interested party to lease.

Are medical services being offered?  Medicines?

Yes, the administrator and assistant make doctor appointments on resident’s behalf.  Staff takes the resident to the doctor’s office or hospital for checkups, lab tests and other medical related services.  All appointments and visits are recorded in the journal.

Administrator and staff keep records on all resident’s prescriptions.  Every week, the administrator fills the labeled trays for daily dosages such as prescriptions and vitamins according to doctor’s prescriptions.  Staff administrates the medicines four times daily and is recorded in the journal, for both taking and refusing medicines.

Is the place licensed?

Yes, this is a requirement by California Department of Social Service.  This license is called Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, RCFE. Administrator takes 40-hour training class and passes the examination in order to get RCFE certification.  The certification is good for 2 years and must take RCFE classes to renew the certification.

How much is the property worth and how much is the split?  When it will be sold?

CHAD had its own appraisal which comes out at $1.6 million.  Also, CAD had its own appraisal which comes out at the same price.  The property is being sold at a little below $1.8 million.  The sales proceedings split is 70% to CAD and 30% to CHAD.  The escrow was closed on November 17, 2015.

What CHAD will do with the 30% proceeds?

That is an excellent question.  As the condition of the MOU, CHAD received $60,000 for the moving expenses and one year of lease.  The remainder will go to a title holding corporation which is a 501c2 entity (will be formed) and will be overseen by CHAD.   The primary purpose of the title holding corporation is to only purchase a future property.

When the transition will take place?

CHAD have 60-day lease, free of charge by the new buyer/landlord and the lease will end on January 16, 2016.  We are planning to move the residents sometimes after Christmas, tentative date of January 9, 2016.

What will happen to CHAD Board?

There are currently six board members; most of them are in Los Angeles County.  Scott Hostetler, CHAD president lives in Orange County.  CHAD board agreed to expand the board members with members from local Deaf community of Riverside area.  Scott felt that the current members will become advisory board members after the board expands.

You can ask questions or find more about CHAD by emailing to Scott Hostetler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..